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Completed Projects

Name: New Railway Project (Mongolia)

Description: Conducted a feasibility study for a newly planned 1,800 km of railways under the leadership of McKinsey & Company
Date: April - August 2011
Client/Consortium: Mongolian Railway State Owned Shareholding Company
Value of Project: Approx. USD 5,200 million
Liberty's Role: Acted as a Local Advisor, assisting the Advisory Group, led by McKinsey & Company, in developing an overall commercial and ownership structure for the project, facilitating interface between the Railway Project and all relevant local stakeholders among other relevant work.

Name: MIAT Mongolian Airlines Turnaround Project (Mongolia)

Description: Business Plan for a 3-year turnaround project for MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Date: October - December 2011
Client/Consortium: MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Project Implications: Turnaround plan would allow MIAT to become one of the efficient and profitable regional airlines
Liberty's Role: Acted as a Local Advisor, assisting the Lead Advisor, Seabury APG, in doing local business analysis in terms of policies from the corresponding ministries and local competitors, identifying and managing multiple internal and external stakeholders to ensure each stakeholder’s participation in the project throughout its duration.