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Why Liberty Partners?

Liberty Partners’ advantages and strengths include:

• Vast and well-rounded experience in commercial and investment banking, strategic advisory, risk management and business development.

• International team of advisers dedicated to providing independent financial advice and innovative solutions to clients.

• Strong network of partners and experienced practitioners in commercial and investment banking, multilateral institutions and export-credit agencies, engineering and other technical firms, rating agencies and international law firms.

• Quality people in the core of the company that are diverse, have integrity and are committed to grow personally and professionally.

• Well positioned, thanks to its local penetration and knowledge as well as its financial structuring and arranging expertise, to help its local and international clients successfully grow their business and investments in Mongolia.

• Has a holistic view and well understanding of major development projects in Mongolia, and has unparalleled experience and capabilities to implement proposed projects in unique Mongolian legal and business environment.

• Experience and understanding of local Mongolian stakeholders as well as its capabilities to implement projects in accordance with local legislations and proper procedures will play a critical role in the successful implementation.