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Internship Program

Participating in Liberty Partners' internship program gives students and recent graduates a unique hands-on look at the financial services industry and an opportunity to get to know our company. Interns enjoy a challenging but friendly work environment, where questions are encouraged and learning is cultivated. Although most of our internships are offered during the summer, we are continuously looking for outstanding candidates to intern throughout the year. 

As a participant in our internship program, you will gain valuable real world experience, work side-by-side with our experienced team and obtain constructive feedback. 

Read a selection of testimonials from previous interns which not only tell you more about the benefits of our program but also give you a great snapshot of life in Liberty Partners.

Erdenetulga Rentsen - Summer 2013

• Applied Mathematics and Economics, Brown University

• Investment Banking 2014 Summer Analyst, Morgan Stanley, New York, New York, USA

"My summer internship at Liberty Partners has been a unique and rewarding experience. I was very much impressed by the culture of the company; a culture in which they value its people the most and hire employees for a long term career. During my time at Liberty, I had the opportunity to work on a project where a substantial responsibility was entrusted to me. Liberty allowed me to have an exposure to one of the biggest deals happening in Mongolia, and provided me with the necessary skills that will surely prove useful in my future professional career. It was a pleasure to work with passionate people who foster an entrepreneurial mind to solve the toughest problems in the financial services industry of Mongolia."  

Uyanga Tamir - Summer 2012

• Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University

"During my internship period at Liberty Partners, I was mainly working on a research project investigating the coal production line and global coal market. In doing so, I was working closely with one of the Vice Presidents and a fellow intern at the office. I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about the coal sector, a field that is directly related to Mongolia’s prosperity. Combined with the tutorials on debt and equity financing by the Director and team meetings that the interns were able to sit in on, my internship was an incredible learning experience not only in terms of the subjects I researched but also in terms of the inner workings of a boutique firm." 

Enkhtur Lkhagvajav - Summer 2012

• Applied Mathematics and Economics, Brown University

"One of the many things that made my internship experience at Liberty Partners unique was its flat structure. Flat structure allows for the company to execute tasks faster because it removes potential hierarchical bottlenecks and that structure gave me a huge opportunity to learn from each person in the company. I didn’t feel as an intern there – I felt more as a full time employee and colleague. Since the first day, after I got a long briefing on all ongoing deals and projects, and I was included in all major company conferences, briefings and business meetings related with the projects I was working on. I learned a lot about economy and project finance from bright, hard-working co-workers. Furthermore, the internship gave me a clear picture of what it is like to apply classroom knowledge in real life. I am grateful to Liberty for giving me this great work experience and opportunity to learn from them."

Tuvshinzaya Gantulga - Summer 2011

• Philosophy and Literature, European College of Liberal Arts

• Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

"The most important aspect of interning at Liberty Partners is that it doesn’t feel like an internship. Starting from day one, you’ll be treated as an employee with all the responsibilities and privileges that comes with it. From working on multi-billion deals to attending executive meetings, you will be entrusted with a serious role in the major projects they are working on. Not only this is the best opportunity to learn intricacies of finance and business, but there is no better way to get prepared for the dynamic business environment of emerging markets. Overall, my internship at Liberty Partners was an incredibly rewarding experience that provided me both with valuable knowledge and lifelong friendship with the staff."