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Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of our company is non-hierarchical. The Management, lead by the Managing Director, works with the Advisory Board to get general guidance and consultancy. The Investment Committee, Audit Committee, and Remuneration Committee work independently and report to the Management. There are 4 business decisions but our analysts work across those sector groups in a matrix corporate structure.


1. This is an illustration of our current corporate structure. As we progress, a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) positions would be added. Business divisions are based on partnership with specialty sector companies. Physical Commodities and Asset Management divisions are currently under formation.

2. The progression of junior staff will start from an Analyst position, a person with an undergraduate university degree, working for 3 years to become an Associate, who would have an excellent performance as an Analyst or someone with an advanced graduate degree such as a MBA or equivalent. Then an Associate shall be promoted to a Vice President, Director, Managing Director and Partner.