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Physical Commodities

Offtake and supply of mineral and energy commodities such as energy commodities, base metals and precious metals

Logistics business. Coordination of projected requirement, procurement, physical movement, and storage of components, parts, raw materials, and semi-finished and finished goods, to achieve an optimal demand service level at a minimal cost. It includes both inbound and outbound movements, and is not solely limited to distribution management, including activities such as forecasting and procurement

Commodity price hedging. Without any risk, a comprehensive risk management system should also take into account risks arising from commodity price volatilities. Forward transactions, options and option strategies as well as metal-indexed interest strategies for hedging or optimization purposes can be used in this connection.

Passing on of risk. Securing flows and inventories of goods to smooth and improve predictability of corporate results

Optimization. Strategies to compensate for rapid price movements; dampening of the effects of the current price situation

Commodity investments. Investment strategies to complement and diversify an existing portfolio